PORTRETLAB has been launched by London based photographer Miro Arva in 2015. Miro has been taking photographs since 2007. After years of personal projects and commissioned work, Miro felt importance to separate his editorial and artistic work from his pure commercial practice specialised in portraits with wider audience targeted. This does not mean you won't get to taste Miro's artistic approach to his work for PORTRETLAB

PORTRETLAB offers photography services specialised in portraiture, head-shots, and other type of images for various marketing purposes in London and beyond.

Whether you are a small start up business or a large established corporation, Miro can offer you a tailor made package for your photography needs.

Please contact Miro for further info on the sessions or any other questions you may have.

Email: info@portretlab.co.uk

Tel.: 07949 455 721

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